Friday, June 17, 2016

7th Grade

     Dear fellow friends. This week I'll be blogging about my 7th grade year. In my first paragraph I'll be blogging about my memories that I made this year. My second paragraph will be about everything that's happened this year.
     This year I've made so many new memories. Many of my memories include the Boston field trip, the Tang Museum, the trips to the Pine Bush and the farm field trips. The Boston field trip had to be my favorite field trip ever. I loved everything. The bus ride was my favorite. But my second favorite part was when I got my dinosaur from the gift shop and when I got McDonald's on the way back home. My favorite Pine Bush field trip was girdiling. I loved hitting the tree really hard.
      This year I definitely learned who my real friends were. I loved walking into 7th grade the first day. Mostly because I love school so much. Learning is my favorite thing ever. I love that my mind expands when I learn new things. I love all the teachers that I had this year. Especially Mrs. Sittig because she's so funny. I love how she's strict. I'm so sad that this year is ending:( It definitely went by to fast. That's how my 7th grade was.
      I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog. Make sure to check back at the start of next school year!! AGal out->>

Sunday, June 12, 2016


     Dear fellow friends! This week I'll be blogging about doughbits. In my first paragraph I'll be explaining what they are. In my second paragraph I'll be talking about how I made them. In my third paragraph I'll be explaining how they tasted.
      Doughbits are are pretty much doughnuts but they are cut into longer pieces. Kind of like a churro stick just much tinier. My friends Nicholas and Caitlyn were over and we wanted to make doughnuts. But when they were in the pan deep frying they started falling apart into longer pieces. So we got the idea to call them doughbuts.
      I made doughbits by finding a recipe offline. There were several ingrediants we had to use. We had to use flour, white sugar, shortening, vanilla extract, baking soda, milk, eggs, cinnamon sugar, and slat. It was suppose to take is around 16 minutes but it ended up taking us about 1 hour. We had to deep fry them and my dad said we couldn't do it inside. So my older sister gave us the idea to use the grill outside because it had a little stove on it. And it worked but it didn't cook the indise of the doughnuts. We had to rip them apart so the inside would cook and it worked!!! After we pulled them out of the pan we dipped them into a bowl of cinnamon sugar.
      When we were all set and done we tried them. They tasted pretty good because there was cinnamon sugar on top. But they were still a little doughy but I feel that made them taste a little bi better. I think these were definetely one of the best things I made.
      That's all for this week. I hope you enjoyed and make sure to check back next week!!