Friday, April 22, 2016


      Dear fellow friends! This week I will be blogging about spring break. Spring break is the time that you get off from school. In my first paragraph I'll be blogging about what people usually do during spring break. In my second paragraph I'll be blogging about what I'm doing this year for spring break. Spring break is usually my favorite break because spring is my favorite season.
     People usually go to warm places for spring break. It's a time to do spring cleaning or relax by the beach. It's one of the most relaxing breaks because it's all warm out and everything is blooming. Like the flowers and all the trees getting their leaves back. Unlike winter break where it's all cold and snowy. But don't get me wrong I love snow. But my opinion is spring break is the best.
     This year I'm going on a cruise with one of my best friends. We're flying down to Florida to get on the cruise. The cruise is a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. The ship is going to stop in the Bahamas and for six hours we can do whatever we want in the Bahamas. We're going to Atlantis for swimming and to relax by the beach. This is the first time in forever that I'm going on a plane. It's also my first time on a cruise ship. I hope all goes well!
     That's all for this week. I hope everyone has a great spring break and great rest of the day. Make sure to check in next week!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Best Friends

     Dear fellow friends! This week I'll be blogging about best friends. In my first paragraph I'll be talking about the importance of having a best friend. In my second paragraph I'll be talking about my best friends. In my third paragraph I'll be talking about why I have best friends.
     Having a best friend is so important because they are someone you can be at your worst with. They'll never judge you. I mean sometimes they will but it'll be for a good reason. Best friends are the people you do fight with but in the end you'll always make up and become best friends all over again. But most important best friends are always there for you. They would do anything to protect you and would make sure no one would ever hurt you. Best friends are the people that you feel closer with than your actual family.
     I have four true best friends. Their names are Shriya, Caitlyn, Lauren and Molly. All of them are always there for me. Shriya is someone whose always there. Someone to lean on if you're feeling sad. Sometimes she's just a shoulder to cry on. But she's someone whose always fun to be with. Heck she even asked me to go on a cruise with her! Caitlyn is someone who will make you laugh. Caitlyn has so much energy it fills up the room She's one who you can mess around with and just have fun. Lauren is someone who you push you to do your best. If someone were to bring you down she would make you get right back up and would make sure they never did that again. Molly is kind of a mixture of everyone that I explained. She's fun to be with and will make you laugh so hard you pee! Everyone calls her the love whisperer because when it comes to boys and all that stuff she is practically and expert. What I'm saying is my best friends mean the world to me. I would do anything for them and vice versa.
     I have best friends because they're always there for me. Sometimes they're just a shoulder to cry on but most of the time they are the people you want to spend every second with. I also have best friends because they help me make really important decisions that I can't make. I would hope that everyone has what I have because I am truly grateful to have my best friends at my side.
     Well that's all for this week! I'll have another blog out next week. See you then!!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Track and Field Levels

     Dear fellow friends. This week I'll be blogging about track and field levels. There are three different levels. They are freshman, junior varsity, and varsity. Varsity people are the fastest and the best people there are in track and field. In my first paragraph I'll be talking about the levels themselves. In the second paragraph I'll be blogging the advantages about running in the higher levels.
     People only run freshman when they're in 7th-9th grade. After 9th grade you have to move up to junior varsity no matter how fast you are. People are chosen to be moved up to varsity. If you run freshman and you're really fast you might be asked to run junior varsity. In my cross country season I ran junior varsity. Freshman courses are always the shortest. Junior varsity and varsity are the same courses just varsity is more competitive.
     If you run in varsity or are really fast in your junior varsity group you get to go to far away meets. This one time I got to go to New York City and Rhode Island. They were so fun. Freshman's get to do less because our team is always in it to win so we want the best of the best to be running for us. Sometimes I liked running freshman better because it was a shorter distance but in the end as long as I run I'm happy.
     That's all for this weeks blog. Please make sure to check in next week for a new blog post!