Thursday, January 7, 2016

Winter Break

Dear Fellow Friends! This week I'm going to talk about what went on over winter break. As most people know Christmas was over winter break and the New Year. Over break we also reached the hottest Christmas Eve in many years in the United States. I'm also going to talk about things that I did over break.

  Some things I got were an IPad Mini, a Vera Bradley satchal, chesnut UGG boots, giftcards to starbucks and itunes. About a couple days after break I went ice skating with one of my best friends Molly Nelligan. We had a great time. We went to the ice skating rink next to The Egg. On New Year's Eve I went to my best friend Caitlyn's house for a party. Some people that were invited were Molly, Shriya, Mylie, Julia, and Caitlyn. We tried to pull an all nighter but ended up falling asleep. The next day was my brother's birthday. We decided to throw him a surprise birthday party and it was a lot of fun. Our family came over and lots of his friends.

    Some fun things that you could do over break are ice skating, building snowmen, sitting by the fire drinking hot chocolate, having snowball fights or even building forts in the snow. Another thing that you could do over break is hang out with friend's. Friends are great people to have. They are always by your side. Now I'm going to talk about the hottest Christmas Eve in a very long time. It was in the mid seventy's. Sadly this year it didn't snow at all. Every year over break my siblings and I go outside and have fun in the snow.

    So that's all for today's blog post. I haven't been blogging for a long time but it's a lot of fun. I will be definitely blogging next week so make sure to check my blog.

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