Thursday, January 28, 2016

Soup Kitchen

Dear Fellow Friends! Today I'm going to talk about my field trip to the soup kitchen. It was such a great experiance. I would love to do it again any time. My friend Molly and I decided to do it together because we thought it would be super fun. We served from 11:00 or 11:30 to 1:00. In the next paragraph I'm going to talk about how the day went and what we did.

    We left class at about 9:15. We were leaving the school at 9:25 but the bus got there a little late so we didn't leave until about 9:40. When we got on the bus we were on snpachat and were taking funny phots of each other. I had such a fun time on the bus before we even got to the place! It took us a little longer to get there because we couldn't find the soup kitchen so we went in like 5 different circles but everyone thought it was funny that we couldn't find the place. Good thing we found it.

    When we finally got there we signed in and got our nametags. After that we put our lunchboxes in the fridge and our coats in the office. We finally got into the main eating area and the instuctor Cookie was telling us what we had to do. She said the first thing to do if we were the waiters we would stand near the table and just smile. The second thing was to ask if they wanted salad or a drink. After that we would ask if they wanted pulled pork, beans or peanut butter and jelly. The adults would get a bigger plate and the children would get a smaller plate.

     After they were finished with their meal we would ask if they wanted dessert and if they did we would give it to them. If they didn't want dessert they usually would leave and we would clean up their plates and plate settings. Then we would raise our hands and the wipers would come and wipe down the table with a wipe. After that one of the people waiting that table would get a new placemat and set it up again and then the next person would come. And that's really what happened the whole day. Tune in next week for a new post.

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