Thursday, January 21, 2016

Fun things to do over the weekend!!!

Dear Fellow Friends! This week I'll be blogging about things to do over the weekend. Some things that I like to do over the weekend are watch netflix, go to the movies, have sleepovers, or hang out with friends. What I like to do over the weekend is watch netflix and have sleepovers and stay up super late. In the next paragraph I'm going to list more things to do over the weekend.

   Some movies that I have seen in the movie theater were The Book Thief, Fast and Furious 7, The Longest Ride, The Crudes and much more. My favorite out of all them was Fast and Furious 7 because it was such a great movie and it had so much action. My other favorite was The Book Thief because it was during World War II and I love learning about World War II because it is so interesting to me. A new thats coming out is The 5th Wave. It looks so good I haven't seen it yet but I'm going 1/22/16 with my friends Shriya, Molly, Lauren, Caitlyn, and Syrena. It's about an alien invasion. There's a total of five waves. The first wave knocked out all the power. The second wave was an earthquake strong enough to shake the entire planet. The third wave was disease. The fourth wave was the aliens were amoung them. They could diguise as whatever they wanted.

    Another thing to do are sleepovers. I love having sleepovers because we usually do such fun stuff. Like whoever falls asleep first makeup all over them. One time we colored in my friend's eybrows black and the next morning her eyebrows were still black even after she wiped them off!! Sometimes you can try to pull all nighter's. Sometimes we do what's in your mouth challenge which is always a blast! Somethings that you could do at a sleepover are have a movie marathon, pull all nighter's, play board games, what's in your mouth challenge or just hang out and have fun.

    Things that you could do when you hang out with friends are go to the movie's, go ice skating, you could go to Flight or Skyzone, go to mall and have a shopping spree. The last time I went to Flight I broke my leg and my friend Molly broke her finger before we even got in the building. My mom is a little scared to let me go but I'm pretty sure I'll be more careful. Also the movie is a great place to go to. You could watch new movies that just came out and even watch in 3D if you can. All I know is that friends are great things to have. That's it for this week but make sure to check next week for a new blog!!

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