Thursday, January 28, 2016


Dear Fellow Friends! Today I'm going to talk about baking. Some of my favorite treats are chocolate chip cookies, brownies and cupcakes. I'm also going to talk about things that I've baked before and good things to bake for special ocassions. So in the next paragraph I'm going to talk about my favorite treats and why they're my favorite. In the second paragraph I'm going to talk about things I've baked before. In the third paragraph I'm going to talk about treats to bring to special ocassions.

    Brownies are one of my favorite treats because I love chocolate so much. I also love the soft texture that brownies have. One time I was making brownies I put 1 1/4 cups oil instead of 1/4 cups oil. I also love chocolate chip cookies because my mom makes the best cookies in the whole world. I think I actually love chocolate chip cookie dough more than the cookies. I also love when cookies are little crispy. I love cupcakes because I love the softness of cupcakes. I also love chocolate pillsbary frosting on the cupcakes.

    Some things that I have baked before are chocolate chip cookies, brownies, cupcakes, a cake. I've had to bake chocolate chip cookies for my sister's birthday that they were celebrating in school. My friend and I Caitlyn love to bake so whenever we go to each others houses we usually always bake something. My mom and I love to bake too. Sometimes my mom has a bunch of the kids in the neighborhood come over and we bake a bunch of treats. It's usually during the winter time.

     Things that you can bring to special ocassions are cookies, brownies, rice krispie treats, cakes, apple pies or any kind of pie, cupcakes and many more. Now that's all that I have for this weeks post. Be sure to check out my blog next week. I'm gonna switch somethings up. AGal out!


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