Thursday, January 28, 2016


Dear Fellow Friends! Today I'm going to talk about baking. Some of my favorite treats are chocolate chip cookies, brownies and cupcakes. I'm also going to talk about things that I've baked before and good things to bake for special ocassions. So in the next paragraph I'm going to talk about my favorite treats and why they're my favorite. In the second paragraph I'm going to talk about things I've baked before. In the third paragraph I'm going to talk about treats to bring to special ocassions.

    Brownies are one of my favorite treats because I love chocolate so much. I also love the soft texture that brownies have. One time I was making brownies I put 1 1/4 cups oil instead of 1/4 cups oil. I also love chocolate chip cookies because my mom makes the best cookies in the whole world. I think I actually love chocolate chip cookie dough more than the cookies. I also love when cookies are little crispy. I love cupcakes because I love the softness of cupcakes. I also love chocolate pillsbary frosting on the cupcakes.

    Some things that I have baked before are chocolate chip cookies, brownies, cupcakes, a cake. I've had to bake chocolate chip cookies for my sister's birthday that they were celebrating in school. My friend and I Caitlyn love to bake so whenever we go to each others houses we usually always bake something. My mom and I love to bake too. Sometimes my mom has a bunch of the kids in the neighborhood come over and we bake a bunch of treats. It's usually during the winter time.

     Things that you can bring to special ocassions are cookies, brownies, rice krispie treats, cakes, apple pies or any kind of pie, cupcakes and many more. Now that's all that I have for this weeks post. Be sure to check out my blog next week. I'm gonna switch somethings up. AGal out!


Soup Kitchen

Dear Fellow Friends! Today I'm going to talk about my field trip to the soup kitchen. It was such a great experiance. I would love to do it again any time. My friend Molly and I decided to do it together because we thought it would be super fun. We served from 11:00 or 11:30 to 1:00. In the next paragraph I'm going to talk about how the day went and what we did.

    We left class at about 9:15. We were leaving the school at 9:25 but the bus got there a little late so we didn't leave until about 9:40. When we got on the bus we were on snpachat and were taking funny phots of each other. I had such a fun time on the bus before we even got to the place! It took us a little longer to get there because we couldn't find the soup kitchen so we went in like 5 different circles but everyone thought it was funny that we couldn't find the place. Good thing we found it.

    When we finally got there we signed in and got our nametags. After that we put our lunchboxes in the fridge and our coats in the office. We finally got into the main eating area and the instuctor Cookie was telling us what we had to do. She said the first thing to do if we were the waiters we would stand near the table and just smile. The second thing was to ask if they wanted salad or a drink. After that we would ask if they wanted pulled pork, beans or peanut butter and jelly. The adults would get a bigger plate and the children would get a smaller plate.

     After they were finished with their meal we would ask if they wanted dessert and if they did we would give it to them. If they didn't want dessert they usually would leave and we would clean up their plates and plate settings. Then we would raise our hands and the wipers would come and wipe down the table with a wipe. After that one of the people waiting that table would get a new placemat and set it up again and then the next person would come. And that's really what happened the whole day. Tune in next week for a new post.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Fun things to do over the weekend!!!

Dear Fellow Friends! This week I'll be blogging about things to do over the weekend. Some things that I like to do over the weekend are watch netflix, go to the movies, have sleepovers, or hang out with friends. What I like to do over the weekend is watch netflix and have sleepovers and stay up super late. In the next paragraph I'm going to list more things to do over the weekend.

   Some movies that I have seen in the movie theater were The Book Thief, Fast and Furious 7, The Longest Ride, The Crudes and much more. My favorite out of all them was Fast and Furious 7 because it was such a great movie and it had so much action. My other favorite was The Book Thief because it was during World War II and I love learning about World War II because it is so interesting to me. A new thats coming out is The 5th Wave. It looks so good I haven't seen it yet but I'm going 1/22/16 with my friends Shriya, Molly, Lauren, Caitlyn, and Syrena. It's about an alien invasion. There's a total of five waves. The first wave knocked out all the power. The second wave was an earthquake strong enough to shake the entire planet. The third wave was disease. The fourth wave was the aliens were amoung them. They could diguise as whatever they wanted.

    Another thing to do are sleepovers. I love having sleepovers because we usually do such fun stuff. Like whoever falls asleep first makeup all over them. One time we colored in my friend's eybrows black and the next morning her eyebrows were still black even after she wiped them off!! Sometimes you can try to pull all nighter's. Sometimes we do what's in your mouth challenge which is always a blast! Somethings that you could do at a sleepover are have a movie marathon, pull all nighter's, play board games, what's in your mouth challenge or just hang out and have fun.

    Things that you could do when you hang out with friends are go to the movie's, go ice skating, you could go to Flight or Skyzone, go to mall and have a shopping spree. The last time I went to Flight I broke my leg and my friend Molly broke her finger before we even got in the building. My mom is a little scared to let me go but I'm pretty sure I'll be more careful. Also the movie is a great place to go to. You could watch new movies that just came out and even watch in 3D if you can. All I know is that friends are great things to have. That's it for this week but make sure to check next week for a new blog!!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

How to do better in school

   Dear Fellow Friends! Some ways to do better in school are to  on task, and pay attention in class. The four core classes that I'm going to talk about math, science, language arts, and social studies. I'm also going to talk about how to raise your grades.
    Math: Pay lots of attention in class and make sure you understand what the teacher is teaching you. Do your homework the day you get it. Also do your homework as soon as you get home. If you don't understand email your teacher or go in the next day and ask her. Some ways to raise your grades are to ask the teacher if there's anything that you could do for extra credit or stay after school and ask for extra help to raise your grades. 
    Language Arts: Pay lots of attention in class. Also make sure to raise your hand a lot to answer questions. Usually you get projects in LA a lot, so make sure to do your best work and don't slack off. Read lots of books and always do your best work in anything in LA class. Some ways to raise your grades are ask about extra credit or ask your friends to tutor you in grammar, punctuation or etc. 

    Science: Pay attention to your teacher talking and make sure you understand science. Science is usually the core class that some people have trouble with. I myself don't understand science that much. Some things that I do to understand science better is I pay very close attention to the notes and the labs that we do. Some things that you could do to raise your grade are extra credit or stay after to get review. 
     Social Studies: Pay attention in class and always listen to your teacher. Take very good notes and make sure you understand the lesson that your learning. Ex: American Revolution. Make sure that you know what century it was in, who won, why the war happened in the first place. To me I love social studies. It intrigues me so much. I love learning about what happened in the past to the country that I live in. Some ways to raise your grades are extra credit or stay after and get a review on the lesson that you're learning about. 

   Those are all some ways on how to raise your grades or how to just do good in school. I hope that you loved this week's blog post and I will be blogging next week. Don't forget to tune in. AGal out!!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Winter Break

Dear Fellow Friends! This week I'm going to talk about what went on over winter break. As most people know Christmas was over winter break and the New Year. Over break we also reached the hottest Christmas Eve in many years in the United States. I'm also going to talk about things that I did over break.

  Some things I got were an IPad Mini, a Vera Bradley satchal, chesnut UGG boots, giftcards to starbucks and itunes. About a couple days after break I went ice skating with one of my best friends Molly Nelligan. We had a great time. We went to the ice skating rink next to The Egg. On New Year's Eve I went to my best friend Caitlyn's house for a party. Some people that were invited were Molly, Shriya, Mylie, Julia, and Caitlyn. We tried to pull an all nighter but ended up falling asleep. The next day was my brother's birthday. We decided to throw him a surprise birthday party and it was a lot of fun. Our family came over and lots of his friends.

    Some fun things that you could do over break are ice skating, building snowmen, sitting by the fire drinking hot chocolate, having snowball fights or even building forts in the snow. Another thing that you could do over break is hang out with friend's. Friends are great people to have. They are always by your side. Now I'm going to talk about the hottest Christmas Eve in a very long time. It was in the mid seventy's. Sadly this year it didn't snow at all. Every year over break my siblings and I go outside and have fun in the snow.

    So that's all for today's blog post. I haven't been blogging for a long time but it's a lot of fun. I will be definitely blogging next week so make sure to check my blog.